• From ' Lachrymæ Lachrymarum'

    Was ever nightly rainbowe seen ?
    Did ever winter mourne in greene ?
    Had that long bowe been bent by day
    That chased all our clouds away;... more »

  • On Simony

    Saw'st thou ever Siquis patcht on Pauls Church door
    To seek some vacant vicarage before?
    Who wants a churchman that can service say,... more »

  • Psalm I

    Who hath not walkt astray
    In wicked men's aduise,
    Nor stood in sinners' way,
    Nor in their companies... more »

  • Psalm Vii

    On thee, O Lord my God, relies
    My onely trust from bloudy spight;
    Of all my raging enemies
    Oh let thy mercy me acquite;... more »

  • The Domestic Tudor's Position

    A gentle squire would gladly entertain
    Into his house some trencher chapelain;
    Some willing man that might instruct his sons,... more »

  • The Impecunious Fop

    See'st thou how gaily my young master goes,
    Vaunting himself upon his rising toes;
    And pranks his hand upon his dagger's side;... more »

  • The Kings Prophecie

    What Stoick could his steely brest containe
    (If Zeno self, or who were made beside
    Of tougher mold) from being torne in twaine
    With the crosse Passions of this wondrous tide?... more »

  • Virgidemarium (Excerpt)

    With some pot-fury, ravish'd from their wit,
    They sit and muse on some no-vulgar writ:
    As frozen dunghills in a winter's morn,
    That void of vapours seemed all beforn,... more »