• Darkness Inside

    The darkness lay dormant inside me,
    quiet and patient,
    it sits and it waits.
    It waits for a time... more »

  • For Lauren

    The shadows of death... more »

  • Grow

    To my suprise~
    these eyes,
    have seen,
    many things,... more »

  • Pain Of Heartbreak

    Creatures of Darkness come forth
    and into me breathe the suffering of the world,... more »

  • Quest

    Tear me apart from the inside,
    dig your nails deep into my heart,
    until I can love no more,
    until all feeling is gone,... more »

  • Silence

    The silence is deafening
    I fear I cannot stand it any longer
    but I dare not break it
    for it would unleash the rath of the beast... more »

  • To --

    Why must it hurt so much
    that I cannot make you mine?... more »

  • Untitled

    Tears of blood stream down my face
    as the razor dances its way across her flesh
    draining away the pain of life
    moving toward the serenity called death... more »

  • Untitled For Lauren

    Hearts sewn together,
    bound by endless love; endless passion,
    eyes meet
    souls intertwine... more »

  • Window

    I sit here and wonder,
    what lies out that window
    how I long to step through it and find out~
    Is there someone else out there?... more »