• And Beyond

    Are they expecting us
    And when they know we’re on our way
    Will they wait on the doorstep
    And be thrilled... more »

  • Jailed Tropic

    Gust-bitten by wild winds
    Tearing at their moorings
    Their hulls gray with time
    Dead boats... more »

  • New Land

    My song is about blades of grass beheaded
    New from Krakow’s far away voivods
    Like starlings on the live furrows
    Checking in to live here on labor... more »

  • Rayons D'Absence

    Jour trempé d’heures mouillées
    Soir brillant de diamants noirs
    Dans un sommeil d’autre monde
    Le ciel en haillons fleur de gris... more »