Joseph Sakyiamah is a poet from Ghana. He has the passion for writing and reading poetry. He is a pure determinant with a free spirit of love. He has a bachelor of technology in procurement and supply chain management. He has one book written called Life of essence.
He is a Christian and believes much in communism.


Joseph Sakyiamah Poems

Find Love

The beauty of your eyes
Is such a light thrown afar to see my heart?
Of how could we found each other in such a distance
Distance did never matters when it comes to our love... more »


Love and charming I am,
I am young and grateful,
To the world, I face freely;
Freely with intelligence and pure mind,... more »


Unwritten pages of you and I,
Our stories untold left us hanging,
Scars the day left us,
Behind doors of the night,... more »

Joseph Sakyiamah Quotes

Believe in yourself because if anyone will get there is you.
The journey of a mile start with just one step, so keep stepping hard to reach your goals.
Failure is part of a successful journey, so stay focus and keep working hard.

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