• A Man Of A Broken Glass

    Patience's has taken my heart away
    Fly like a bird on the rise,
    So I waited,
    Waited for the stars to bright... more »

  • A Piece Of Your Cake

    If I had, the moon and the stars,
    Forsake upon if the light shines,
    It would still not be enough to share,
    Darkness same, still be told as cold ice the eyes flown,... more »

  • Acknowledge

    Know the fact that you are knowledgeable
    Acknowledge that the stone
    The builder refuse will be the head corner stone
    Keep your head up and make headway... more »

  • Am An Outsider

    I am an outsider
    Who lives on the sidelines of mistakes?
    But you found me and brought me in
    Eventually, what goes up must come down... more »

  • Beautiful Mama Africa

    Africa with you I stand,
    Africa with you I fly,
    With you, we hail
    With you we sing... more »

  • Black People

    You shines but no one sees you,
    You are the black diamond,
    But the world hasn't notice,... more »

  • Christmas The Legend

    Who can resist my taste?
    Who can stop my aroma?
    I am legend,
    So everybody dances to my music... more »

  • Dear Black Queen (Mama)

    There is always a miracle,
    Where you are,
    There is always,
    No place like the home,... more »

  • Desperate It Seems

    Emotions left tears drop downs,
    The eyes couldn't wait anymore longer
    To broke in tears, as the pain keeps on
    Flashing back pictures made a portrait inside your mind... more »

  • Don't Look At Me

    Don't look at me and stare as if you have seen a ghost
    Don't look me, as a pin in the flesh
    But look me as, the bone of your flesh.
    Don't look down on me, don't look scared, but look happy for me.... more »

  • Fallen

    A light once truly shining,
    Has fallen,
    Fallenasleep deep in darkness,... more »

  • Feel Some Touch

    It feels like the clouds is coming down
    Out of the moon, it's still the same
    As it was and is! ! !
    Down hearted but feels great joy to enjoy…... more »

  • Find Love

    The beauty of your eyes
    Is such a light thrown afar to see my heart?
    Of how could we found each other in such a distance
    Distance did never matters when it comes to our love... more »

  • Happy Sad

    Happening with much atonement
    Attune torment in moment of torrent
    Lyrical crystal clear
    Scars with its own story to tell... more »

  • Heart Of Pain

    Beautiful once's we use to stand,
    Beautiful smiles of love,
    We use to sing to the wind,
    That carries our faith in love.... more »

  • Hold On

    Hold on to the past and dies out
    Hold on to pain and cries loud
    Hold on to joy and smiles forever
    Hold firm to guilt and stay imprison in the mind... more »

  • I Am A Child

    I am a child,
    I am a child
    So treat me as a child.
    Treat me as a life you wish never to loose,... more »

  • I Am Beautiful

    Someone made me,
    so i am beautiful,
    I am beautiful
    because someone made me special,... more »

  • I Believe

    I believe there is,
    I believe there is hope,
    So it not yet over,
    Over to run hard to rise again,... more »

  • I Love This Day

    It love my heart sings today,
    Memories of this moment it quite promising.
    Promising as the future looks brighter for me,
    Me, myself and I love been born this day,... more »

  • I Made You

    You look beautiful because I made,
    I made you but you have made my heart broken
    So why should I sit anymore long to listen to your lies and deceit
    Because it was I who made you, it was I who saw you out of nothing... more »

  • I Might Not

    I might not be what you wanted,
    I might not be what you looking for,
    But I might be what someone needs.... more »

  • I Read

    I read,
    Oh am sure I read;
    But what do I read….
    Thinking hard but still stick with one taught;... more »

  • I Think Am Pregnant

    I think am pregnant, with so many thought;
    Which is a mystery with a misty eyed
    I don't even know if our forebears bears to forward
    Their messy tribulation upon us... more »

  • If Nobody Lives

    Could there be love,
    If there is no peace.

    Would there be peace,... more »