• All Day

    By: Joseph R. Short

    I must admit this is really hard,
    I don’t know what to do with myself,... more »

  • Dream Girl

    I look out across the room,
    And what do I see?
    I see the most beautiful girl looking at me,... more »

  • Drinkin’

    I woke up in the early morning,
    I stumbled out of my bed,
    I tripped about thirty times before-
    I made it to the kitchen,... more »

  • Each And Every Day

    When I think about all the love I have for you my day is complete,
    When I don’t talk to you it seems like my day is dark and grey,
    You are the only one, who really understands my deep love and devotion,
    So maybe you are the one I should hold onto forever and ever,... more »

  • Getting Over You

    When you looked at me
    I could see you still wanted me,

    But I want you to know that... more »

  • I Hope You Feel The Same Too

    As I sit and watch
    The children play
    I feel something inside
    Say to me don’t hide,... more »

  • I Love My Woman

    Well I haven’t always been the most honest of men,
    But what I have I am always willing to share,
    Except for my woman, now she is all mine,
    I got a shotgun for anyone who thinks he can change that,... more »

  • I Need You Here Next To Me

    I need you right here next to me,
    I want to cry because I can’t go on,
    Yet I know I have to be strong,... more »

  • Is This What You Desire

    Do you want this too?
    Is your love as deep as mine?
    Can you imagine living with me till the
    End of time?... more »

  • Million Miles Away

    I was lying in bed,
    Thinking about the last time I held you,
    And wondering when it will happen again,... more »

  • Mothers Love

    She will fret about bringing you into this world for the harm it might do,

    And when she does she has never had a happier moment in her life,... more »

  • Someone New

    If you think you can own me you can shove it up your ass,
    I can’t help that you can’t get it through your damn head
    That I don’t love you
    So why don’t you leave me alone,... more »

  • Through It All

    Falling in love with you
    Was very easy to do,
    You took one look at me
    And I looked back at you,... more »

  • To Be Loved By You

    To be loved by you
    Is like being lifted up
    To the sky
    To love and to die... more »

  • When I Think About You In My Arms

    When I think about you I can’t believe how long we have lasted,
    And then again I wonder where you have been all my life,
    I never want to let you go I just want to hold onto you,
    If I could take you in my arms and hold you,... more »

  • When We Went Into The Field

    We went into the field today,
    We frolicked around into the pasture,
    As we laid in the grass laughing and kissing,
    We will always have those fond memories,... more »

  • You Are The One I Love

    I looked at you across from the room and I wonder if you notice me,
    It’s been a long time since we have seen each other at all,
    But I still miss you like the day you left me in that old rusted pick up,... more »