• 200 Miles

    It's a long dusty road of travelling
    The many stones make my heart breaking.
    Just wanna to take your hand
    As we journey through the land....... more »

  • A Dry And Thirsty Land

    Parched and barren,
    A dry and thirsty land
    Filled with the haze of death
    The forgotten bones of man... more »

  • A World Away

    Like Thor and Jane in the Dark World,
    You're my type of girl.
    I told you I didn't know what it was
    What it was you has... more »

  • All

    All encompasses around
    All is nothing left to be found
    All is everything
    All defines a real king... more »

  • All I Want

    I always knew it was too good to be true,
    But still I tried reaching out for you.
    You made me high, you sent me mad.
    You made me reach out like I had never dared.... more »

  • All This Time

    After all this time, and that's all you can say?
    Guess it was always going to end this way.
    Just wish I could say it was okay.
    -... more »

  • Almost Right

    Almost right, always wrong.

    Almost there, forever gone.... more »

  • Already Broken

    They tread careful, they try not to break my heart.
    Forgetting it’s already blown apart.
    Telling me to turn back before I encounter pain -
    Sweetie, I live in agony every day.... more »

  • Another Pretty Face

    Flick your hair, wink your eyes:
    Still won't keep the truth shining through the lies.
    You're so sweet and sexy, it's hard to resist.
    But deep inside, you harbour things I detest.... more »

  • Anzac

    A dark brooding shadow
    Soldier standing alone
    His head bowed in agony
    Soldier standing forlorn... more »

  • Back From The Dead

    ... more »

  • Because They Are There

    Come on a journey with me
    Travel life's weary road will we
    From eagle heights to the earth below
    Where man doth sorrowfully go... more »

  • Behind The Smile

    You laugh, i put a smile in place
    Suppress a frown that wants to break my face
    I show you my pearly whites
    You smile while inside my spirit fights... more »

  • Best Thing Ever

    You walked into an unscarred heart.

    Built it up then tore it apart.... more »

  • Big Boys Don'T Cry

    You were high above the rest, a legend, the best.
    I was just a little boy out in the wild west.
    All alone, crying in the desert, a defenceless little one.
    You found and picked me up, sheltered me from the sun.... more »

  • Big Daddy

    Before the storms hit, before the doubts assail;
    A tiny boy in the world who on his own will fail.
    Unaware of what will come and has been,
    Reaching up to hold on Daddy's big hand.... more »

  • Blackhole

    Whenever she’s around, I gotta wait.

    My eyes enlarge and my heart palpitates.... more »

  • Blasphemy

    ... more »

  • Blaze Of Glory

    Blaze of glory, the epic showpiece
    The reality of dreams, the advent of a wish
    The accumulation of perfection
    Light in the darkness of desperation... more »

  • Bleeding Heart

    Beneath the bravery, the heroics, the disguise.
    Beneath the happiness, the veil, the lies.
    In the soft and maellable, yet cold hard
    So infinitely precious, yet battered and scarred.... more »

  • Breathe

    I know it was so long a time ago,
    I saw your eyes and I thought whoah!
    This is too good to be true.... more »

  • Breathe Now

    I’ll take another breath now

    I’m still alive now... more »

  • Bulletproof

    Hey, it's me. Got a kevlar vest ornating my chest,
    Walking a battlefield, with scars only partly healed.
    Bullets and rockets explode, as the dead's bones corrode.
    But I got a kevlar vest ornating my chest.... more »

  • Burn

    LIke one step after another
    Distractions bother
    The image of her
    Haunting for ever after.... more »

  • Burnout

    The lifeless flutter of dull eyes defies the cries that defy the mountains that rise
    The bird has flown, and the fuel tank's blown. As now the greatest enemy we find is our own
    The powerful guns now fall under. The cannons cease to thunder. We behold and wonder, as we slip under
    Smoke, it's scent burns our senses, as we feel a collapse of our defences because of our to inevitable lapses.... more »