Graduated in liberal arts from Christ College, Bangalore, the poet hails from Alappuzha, the smallest district of Kerala.He is currently pursuing an International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.He has published some of his poems in poemhunter and others are yet to be published.He loves reading, writing and travelling.


Josey Tom Poems

Individual Vs Society

I wanted to read
But they expected me to plead
I wanted to fly
But they clipped my wings... more »


We sell flowers
But our lives are devoid of fragrance
We sell delicious food
Still we lead tasteless lives... more »

After Love

Mind stops talking
Body ceases to move
Eyes flirt furtively with the roof
Ears chooses to sleep... more »

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Looking for any info on a poem read on an episode of Call the Midwives, after nurse Barbara died, The poem was read at her funeral with credits given to TomJosey
Patricia Sampson 08 May 2018 09:37
IWatched an episode of Call the Midwife, one of the nurses had died. There was a beatiful eulogy read at the funeral, credits given to TomJosey, I would love to know the title of the piece, and the author. Can you help me?