• Blue Skies Turn To Blue Eyes

    Falling through the sky i feel the rain racing me down
    close my eyes right as i hit against the ground
    look up to see the blue skies turn into blue eyes
    then fade away into the nothing i saw before i woke.... more »

  • Darkness Falls

    Let the sun burn out
    and the moon take over the stars
    unlock the cages of darkness
    and let it take me;... more »

  • He Says She Says

    he holds me in his arms so tight
    she shivers in the pale moonlight
    he tells everything will be all right
    she tried to runaway tonight... more »

  • Love Poem To Noone

    I know a place where we can go,
    a place where no one will judge us,
    where we can be together with no worries of what is to be,
    but of what is right here,... more »

  • My Deathly Intervention

    opened up my heart to let it all out
    to show you the dark that grows in my house
    but all that time i feared the thoughts in your mind
    and again my fears came true.... more »

  • The Night Lashes Out Against My Lifeless Body

    weep the tears of ice and fall through the cracks that line the cold earth around our feet and feel the wind come knock us down onto the beds of eternal slumber, nothing is the same without hope, so don't lose track of yours cause once its gone theres no going back.

    broken promises and scares of the lies to the smooth sunrise of the deadly kiss in your eyes that leads to the goodbyes, off to a foreign land where the air smells different, no colour to their sky only the lack there off which brings a tear to my eye to think this is where the suicide will take place, one last goodbye.... more »

  • Two Coins For The Best Of Friends

    two coins for the best of friends, two coins for us
    two hearts become the best of friends, one heart complete
    two souls combine between the best of friends, half of me is with you
    two tears dropp on my shoulder, holding one another... more »

  • Untitled

    ive got enough tears to fill both our hearts twice over
    so i try to keep it to myself and not let it pour over
    now its drowning even the darkness around me
    how so much i want to be free... more »