• Angels

    Along the beachside ocean shore,
    Where winged angels and seraphim soar,
    Stretching close to that seaward way,
    As the sunrise begins the day,... more »

  • Away

    Off in the distance and far off through the land,
    Places where for him there is great demand,
    A father travels solely away from his friends,
    Coming home every so often to make amends.... more »

  • Blasphemy

    Abandoned and in sorrow I stood alone,
    where the whispering winds were blown.
    Upon the dark field I was that night,
    willing to stand for the final fight.... more »

  • Cain And Abel

    le meilleur des mondes possibles.

    The lonely lamplights flicker upon lonely streets,... more »

  • I Tried

    I lay my tongue out for the great flavor,
    To lick the destiny of space and time;
    I tried to taste the purpose of it all,
    Yet nothing upon my tongue did fall.... more »

  • In Times

    In times of uncertainty during the emotional mist,
    With an enduring confusion, will you persist
    Through every trial the human passions will to create,
    Through all the delicacies that dear thoughts berate?... more »

  • Ironic Pain

    This pain inside my chest,
    ironic and does not rest.
    For every thought of her,
    choirs of angels there were,... more »

  • Love

    Awarding oneself with countless beauty,
    arising tall with the sense of duty,
    to climb the straits of senseless seas,
    cross the valleys with endless ease,... more »

  • Lust

    She had eyes the deep brown of desire
    Fanning the flame of that yearning fire,
    Brown hair swaying along her waist,
    As she turned around and we faced... more »

  • Man

    Man, from time to time, does what he means not,
    And so this remains man’s sorrowful lot.
    He does not always say what he means to express,
    Sometimes with love, it is anger he does profess.... more »

  • Man's Best Friend

    As it was when we were together young,
    Both friend and I ran,
    And as it was when the serene wind sung,
    It was dog and man.... more »

  • Rise

    Washing aground the water ripples wave,
    Silent in night that mighty darkness brave,
    Hushing the shore with mother-like love,
    Endlessly watching the stars high above,... more »

  • Saint Of Sin

    On the other side of reason,
    Beyond the site of fate,
    Something other than what we want,
    Lies something all must hate.... more »

  • Silence

    Silent passings to a friend,
    and dear emotions I do tend.
    For love is a mighty force,
    smooth from afar but truly coarse,... more »

  • Snow Storm

    My husband went out to hunt at dawn,
    Forth through the forest in early light;
    He sauntered through, and the early chill
    Froze down upon him with bitter might.... more »

  • The Beat

    What is this beat,
    Echoing from below
    Moving my body
    Moving my core... more »

  • The Shadow

    An old shadow has returned from the dark,
    A shadow deep with truth, naked and stark.
    Man shudders at its return to the light,
    Quivering from the darkened yawning might,... more »

  • The Watch

    Darkening, the western sky grows weary of light,
    And with the shift of a great shadow comes the night.
    A chilling wind whispers across the great plain,
    As rolling clouds thunder and begin to rain.... more »

  • Truth

    Truth, what is truth? And is it aloof?
    And if it is, where is the proof?
    Is it something that comes in a revelation,
    Does it follow some grand divine presentation?... more »

  • What Babies Dream

    Have you ever wondered what babies dream?
    wonderfully different than ours it would seem.
    Without knowing the great sin of this land,
    Their dreams before them remain so grand.... more »