Josh Woods Biography

My name is Josh Woods, but I go by Munkey.
I'm 15 years old. I love poetry and love writing poems. I started writing poems wen my Great Grandmother passed away. That was a hard time for me. Becuase I was so close to her.
The very first peom i wrote was to her and it was call, 'she will make it.'
Alot of people make fun of me, becuase I write poetrry but i dont let that bother me I let it inspire me.
Now alot of my poems her dark and thats because when I lived with my mom, she always kicked me out of the house for no reason at all. Made me feel unwanted, and unloved. She hated me because Im black and I listen to rock. She told me my dreaams was worthless and I was worthless. But I just let all that stuff build me up.
Right now I have 2 poems posted on here working on posting more.
thanks for your time.

You can find me on myspace