• Break My Wings

    just break my wings and take my heart
    they dont matter without the sky above
    they don't matter with being so cold... more »

  • Dark Blue By Jack Mannequinn

    I have, I have you breathing down my neck, breathing down my neck
    I don't, don't know what you could possibly expect under this condition so
    I'll wait, I'll wait for the ambulance to come, ambulance to come
    Pick us up off the floor what did you possibily expect under this condition so... more »

  • Every Dream

    why must she never see the jealousy come down on such timid eyes at night
    why must everytime i fall asleep only to dream of you
    why must every night i wake at night in tears just thinking of you
    why must every night i relive your departure when i say i moved on... more »

  • For The Time You Leave

    just to have you in my arms just for one last second
    you could have all my blood it doesn't matter not without you

    just to feel your touch even if i can't hold you even once... more »

  • For Those With Wings

    for you whose wings have been mutilated
    before the time even for them to heal
    for you whose wings are falling apart
    and dragging you down farther than anyone wants you to be... more »

  • For You

    for you i'll take up arms
    for you i've changed
    for you i'll take up swordand bow against the firearms of today
    for you i fall into darkness... more »

  • Give Them An Angel.

    Lost upon this earth where men and women dwells
    and yet not to many are truly happy

    soo many have died from their own too hands... more »

  • God Why

    god why must you frosaken me form here
    god why must you always rip my heartaway
    god why did you sent her away when we just got so close
    god why do you always rip the ones i fall in love with just to stick them... more »

  • I Still Miss You

    it was a mutual agreement to leave the other in a heartful misery upon
    each good bye and the crossing of lives to pass again in sometime
    to see the mistake again... more »

  • Just To Hear Your Voice Again

    through all this time i fought against you
    through all this time i blame you
    and yet i love you... more »

  • Ladies

    everyday with not a single word that
    could say i love you is suchs
    torturious on the heart
    everday with not your voice can yet... more »

  • Lost

    Through all this time the heart may dread the time we leave
    But even still it wonders away when you’re in these arms
    hopeing to never bring you any harm
    Lost in the joy of being with you... more »

  • Needing To Get Rid Of All The Reminders

    You left me here without any blood.

    You took all the oxygen away from my lungs and left, but here I still lay going through the colors.... more »

  • Never Leave The One You Love

    just to hold you again in my arms is to forget the world and leave it behind

    just to lay with you is to forget the blood running away from my body till we both pass out merrily... more »

  • Never Tommarrow

    maybe i don't wan to see tommarrow
    maybe i don't want to say good bye
    maybe i just need you in my life... more »

  • One Night

    Even the one night when you were so close and yet i missed you
    even though you were so close yet even still i mised you all the
    same and we sleep apart
    Even the one night when you were so close that so little seperated... more »

  • Pain That Still Remembers

    let me stay here in the darkness of the world just to dissappear

    let the scars remind me that i still live without you... more »

  • Rose

    You the rose whose blossum has yet to come
    Yet still you could not blossum from the hate of your past
    But still you easily outshine even the most beautiful rose
    But even so the people don't care they will always run after... more »

  • Running On Knives

    gotta run gotta go
    can't stay while you run away
    i know you never stay
    but still i'll chase you... more »

  • Shadows Of Hate

    Love... more »

  • Soft Angel

    with soft white feathers you fly away taking all that is light slowly leaving
    feeling your soft wings brush against us and your soft skin as you leave
    never wanting to let go and still you flew away leaving us
    leaving us here in the darkness and rough patch work that is life... more »

  • Someone New

    only your eyes allow me
    to melt and flow like the
    ocean waves... more »

  • Still Your Puppet

    through all these broken peices you still love

    through all these strings still hanging... more »

  • Taken My Wings

    since you were gone all these days and the people just to tempting to
    do the things i did

    the knives still so sharp and taunting wanting me to play... more »

  • The Angel I Found

    all thy life she kept in the shadow hiding but still watching
    the angel i needed when life meant so little
    but still i found her now in my life for the happiness to be true
    someone special who cares for the animals that she holds so dear... more »