• The Angel I Had

    can't you see her flying so high
    dressed in such bright colors only to hide
    she can even make the darkness run and hide
    even when she holds out her hand... more »

  • The Last Good-Bye

    when was it that you wanted to say good-bye
    was it after that one special night i fucked
    up that our love went dry
    never to see you that means so much to me... more »

  • Thought Just Thoughts It's Easier To Get Rid Of Them

    i know who i want by my side this thought long hidden
    so long ago i miss her still so long ago a touch between us
    i know her face, i know her thoughts, i know her kiss and i can't kiss
    her anymore... more »

  • Time Without You

    For you just to have you in me arms just for one last second
    You could have all my blood it doesn't matter not without you

    For you just to feel your touch even if i can't hold you even once... more »

  • To Have Wings For You

    for you to grow the ears of a cat
    the tail of a cat would fit you perfectly
    but for me i would have to grow the feathery wings
    still i shouldn't hope that it should never happen... more »

  • To Keep The Tears From Falling

    the misery of breathing the air all the while she is invading ones
    thoughts to say and to commit one heart, body, and soul towards
    only one would be so merry... more »

  • Whithered Flower

    the whithered flower will need so much attention just to get back on track with the rest of this field it lives in
    but no one has that kind of patients to let it grow
    forever stunded never growing
    just weight down with the guilt of others... more »

  • Your Love Is Like The Blood Running In My Veins

    Every time the blood drips from my fingertips the smile can finally
    spread to me

    Every time the blood runs down across my eye I can finally see you for... more »