• Changing

    Lying on the grass under the pre-dawn sky
    Where stars still pulse their existence.
    The wind chimes alive in song
    Hanging from the porch I helped build.... more »

  • Conquering Element

    In the ethereal white darkness past twilight
    The growl of the wind rushed to his ears.
    Trees buckled, bent in the sway of the fierce storm.
    The twist of the roving watch light cut... more »

  • Couch Potato

    Trance conflicted mind trace the tick tock of a master on the wall,

    Controlled motion of dwarf-syndrome deformed arms and pointing hands... more »

  • In The Quiet Of The Moonlight

    In the quiet darkness I rest against a tall maple
    In the absence of buzzing life my thoughts are free and capable
    My mind wanders in the calm moonlight
    Every sound is amplified in the still night... more »

  • The Night Shoe

    I thought as I said “You do when you want to”
    You’d look with a sneaky smile and I would say
    “You think so? ”
    Or was I not as once but true... more »