• Balled For 'Andrew Spellman'

    i cant fuckin take it anymore
    im sittin here contemplating my sanity
    wondering why you had to go before me,
    and i still cant grasp it... more »

  • Forgive Me

    forgive me of my sins,
    forgive me for my lies,
    forgive me for the tears,
    that I made you cry.... more »

  • I Am...

    I am hate, I am lust,
    I find myself beneath the dust,
    dig me up, set me free,
    give me air, so i can breathe.... more »

  • In The Heavens

    you kissed my heart,
    you held my soul,
    you took my hand,
    when I felt alone.... more »

  • Nowhere (Let Me Die)

    (This is more of a song than a poem.)

    [verse 1]... more »

  • October 1st / 09 - 9: 03 Pm

    October 1st / 09 - 9: 03 PM

    just another ordinary day,... more »

  • One For This

    if i gave you my world..
    would you stay by myside,
    if i gave you my heart,
    would you tear it apart..... more »

  • Our Purpose..

    ..: OUR PURPOSE: ..

    an infinite vortex, caged inside,
    the superego, swallows the pride,... more »

  • The Beautiful Mind

    ..: The Beautiful Mind..: ..

    behind the paintings, of endless emotions,
    beyond the solid barrier of the imagination,... more »

  • When Will This End?

    A trip into the unknown.
    Ones self, about to implode.
    People, screaming in the streets.
    Insanity's about to breach.... more »