• Baby

    Great joy runs through my heart
    When my time with you starts
    Precious are the moments accompanied by you
    For your love for me is true... more »

  • Be Real

    You say I hurt you
    You say u care
    But caring is an action
    An action you lack... more »

  • Beauty Is Fleeting

    Men why run after her beauty
    For when she old what good will she bring
    With beauty here today and gone
    Tomorrow there’s no anchor... more »

  • Consumed

    Why do you let you beauty consume you
    Why do chase hopelessly after what's not good for you
    Why did you treat me so cold when all I did is care about you
    Good guys finish last... more »

  • Crying Out

    Why does my heart send my feet running towards satins path.
    Why in my pain do I deceive my self that sin in my comfort.
    For I know you and my love for you. I know myself as well. with
    My heart on my sleeves my emotions run high. But for you my... more »

  • Deep Sarrow

    Father my heart is deeply sorrowful.
    I never felt pain like this.
    Father I sinned against your princess
    And troubled her heart.... more »

  • Deliver Me Ol Lord

    Keep my feet from running aimlessly into sin
    Better yet keep my feet from trotting on any path leading to sin
    For that path leads to destruction
    Lord you are the only savior... more »

  • Emotional Faithlessness

    Have you ever heard your heart cry
    Or a pain so strong that it felt like you heart
    was bleeding like a bullet to the chest
    With the pain that leads to sleep, but haunts... more »

  • Endless Dreams

    Were has your innocents vanished to
    At what point did you start chasing
    Endless dreams
    Why do you look so hard for love... more »

  • Free Me

    Why God do I hopelessly love her
    She’s great and she loves you
    But our dreams are as different as left and right
    Why am I so twisted in her being... more »

  • Friend For Me

    Good luck charm that’s me
    Why do my friendships end with the words epic fail
    I know you put me in peoples life to show them something
    But who’s going to show me something... more »

  • Untitled

    You say I hurt you
    You say u care
    But caring is an action
    An action you lack... more »

  • You Aint Killing My Dreams

    Discouragement is the tool that robs our hope
    As we run viciously after our dreams
    For we often forget the God we serve
    About his mighty being... more »