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Autumn Sun

The Autumn Sun is shining, and the people come out to play,
But this is just a silver linng, to the world that they dont display,
A world of sadness and sorrow, where people go out to die,
We always look at tomorrow, When really today is a lie.... more »


I look in the mirror, what can i see?
A lonely girl that i think might be me,
She shrugs when i do, stares in opposite direction,
I put my hands up, try to reach her, but make no connections,... more »


My heart's been punctured, torn to pieces,
As if you would,
Just when things are going good, you dropp that on me and crush my thoughts.
Just lookin at you makes me shudder to think what your feeling.... more »

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Michael Findlay 31 Mar 2005 03:14
very full of feelings and intresting to read. A good way to show emotion.