Joubert Beaubrun Biography

Let’s take a trip
Down memory lane
November 23rd 1981 to be exact
Now, imagine giving birth to a child
Right in your living room with no doctor
Waiting all night for your child to come out
My mom telling me anytime soon
Finally I came out to find out
That my so call father wasn’t man enough to stick around
Plus she wasn’t married
So, you can say that I’m a busted
Life wasn’t easy at all
Especially when you the youngest of seven kids
Mother wasn’t around because she was busy making ends meat
Like R. Kelly imagine that
Growing up in a country where murder wasn’t a crime
You learn to count by adding dead body
Seeing man laying there burned to death
Say hello to the mail man
The next day he’s a dead man
Waking up in the morning and not knowing what God has in store for you
I would only eat breakfast in my birthday
Lunch was a luxury
Dinner was what I wished for Christmas
That’s why I’m so grateful for everything I have
The police was our worst enemies
The is no such thing as law
I live to be 25 years old so that make me one of a kind