• I Need Love

    I need love like LL
    I feel like my heart is in jail
    I need love to set bail
    I might as well be in hell... more »

  • I’m Happy With Plan Old Me

    I’m not a model
    I’m not a role model
    I can’t sing
    I won’t make it on American Idle... more »

  • Me Without You

    I can’t see myself without you in my life
    Without you I’m thinking about taking my life
    With just a roll of a dice
    You’ve got me trap like a mouse... more »

  • One Love

    I guest you can say that I'm somewhat of a poet
    Or maybe I'm just drunk of that Moet
    I’m singing like Bob Marley
    No, woman, no cry... more »

  • Please

    I don’t think that I’m ever going to find love
    Is it because I used to abuse love
    I never used to care about love
    I never put my trust in love... more »

  • So Hard

    Finding love was suppose to be easy
    Like an evening walk in the park
    Not Jurassic park
    So many obstacles like I was in Iraq... more »

  • What Is Love?

    What is love?
    Love should last forever like a mummy
    It doesn’t have a timeline
    It’s a feeling that you can not control... more »