• A Call For Guidance

    Oh Lord, inspire me and inspire me now
    Is it wrong to release your light and wisdom?
    For at times, it is used to lighten up the pathway of darkness to open the way of doom... more »

  • A Smile

    A smile is such a simple thing
    And yet, in its own way, it adds a touch of tenderness to any day
    A smile can take the darkest cloud, and turn it inside out
    For a smile is the beginning of what love is all about.... more »

  • Amoeba

    She has a way to her
    I can’t really say, but its real, true, pure
    She’s a gift, she’s beautiful, but yet unseen
    Yes there is something... more »

  • Another Place

    I have gone to another place
    A place, a lonely place
    A place, a cold place
    A place, a dark place... more »

  • Anticipation

    I anticipate the inevitable twining of our bodies
    The merging of our breasts, the pressing together of our hips
    Our outstretched hands and trembling fingers
    Penetrating gaze into bashful eyes... more »

  • By Whose Authority/Who Am I

    Who am I to object, who am I to express concern
    Wrong or right, by whose spirit do I discern?
    Who gives the power of knowledge or the gift of experience?
    Who creates opportunities, who give us power... more »

  • Change

    He grows up to be passive and yet very sensual
    That boy who had no friends
    That boy who was as still as nature in its calm …
    He grows up to be intelligent and powerful... more »

  • Childs Destiny

    What is a child’s destiny?
    Is it our corrupt family structure, politics, prices, poverty, poor housing or our social condition?

    Is it fair to let him face such a world?... more »

  • Cocktail

    How am I suppose to live without you
    How am I suppose to carry on after living with you so long
    I started to cry but it was too late, but I couldn’t lie
    Don’t you realize I’ll love you tomorrow, happiness is love, finding comfort?... more »

  • Damsel

    Never walked this way before, the damsel glance around the corner
    With apprehension and anticipation, she imagines and plans her walk down the road
    This new road, this luminous road.
    Leaving the safety of her familiar abode... more »

  • Dare To Love

    Is it better to love than not to love at all
    Is it better to give your all
    While awaiting the fall
    Is it better to have conflicting emotions drive you up the wall... more »

  • Despair

    I sometimes wonder why I was made
    Though I was a child, friend, or even a dear person to someone
    I sometimes feel out of place, misfit
    Never understood or only appreciated when convenient... more »

  • Eruption

    Rhythm beating, feet stamping, lights flickering, people shouting
    The music beats heavily, it vibrates within the soul, the steam rises from the dance floor, the lights red, blue, pink and flickering silver capture the dancers

    The person scream, shout, gasps at the peak of this sensational climax, then suddenly... more »

  • For All Who Dare To Love

    Is it better to love than not to love at all
    Is it better to give your all
    While awaiting the fall
    Is it better to have conflicting emotions drive you up the wall... more »

  • Friends

    Friends are treasures
    Yet not like gold that is scarce
    Or like diamond that is hard
    Or like flowers that are seasonal and temporary... more »

  • Futile Love

    You pour out your love to him
    He ignores it, but why?
    He looks at every other woman
    But looks not in your direction... more »

  • Helpless

    There is a force that drives my being
    Stronger than any I have ever seen
    A force so intense, I can’t resist
    It haunts me, as it whirls and twist... more »

  • I Want To Love You

    I want to love you so much,
    I want to show you how
    How I need to be with you
    Forever and from now... more »

  • I Wondered Who Made It So

    The sun was shinning yet the rain was falling
    I wondered who made it so
    I felt the warmth of the sun and the cool sprinkles of the rain drops
    I wondered who made it so... more »

  • I'Ve Missed You

    I never knew how much I missed you
    Until now that I see you
    I wish you would hold me, love me, and kiss me with your innermost passion
    Be with me, stay with me, physically and spiritually, think of me in your every action.... more »

  • Know Your Ways

    When do you talk, what time to be quiet
    When do you walk, what time to be still
    When to have friends, when to be alone
    When to stay out, when to go home... more »

  • Life Is What You Make Of It

    I’ve found love in the darkest of places
    In the basins and pools of red hot hate
    I’ve found love in the lightest of places
    In the bowls and the baths of affection and kindness... more »

  • Listen Wisely

    Its confusion, mass hysteria
    They shout, scream and argue
    Its loud and raw, but they know not what they say... more »

  • Love

    Don’t predict it, there’s no one who can
    For love never happens according to plan
    Cannot be ordered, or purchased, and yet... more »

  • Love Of Your Own

    Through the days of darkness, through the cold nights of loneliness
    I dream and hope for a love of my own
    When shall this iceberg break and the igloos round my heart melt?
    When will the joy of summer with her laughter and sunshine penetrate the fog and cloud that cover my emotions?... more »