• Love The Antidote

    The antidote for poison
    The soother of pain
    The comforter of hurts... more »

  • Mighty Men

    You mighty men Arise
    Look to the sky, behold and dream, see the vision, see the light

    You mighty men Arise... more »

  • My Destiny To Give

    Right, right, right, right
    Will I ever get it right?
    Even though I try with all my might
    Fighting hard day and night... more »

  • My Ghost

    There you are far away
    Haunting me throughout the night
    Shadowing me all through the day
    You touch me, hurt me, love me... more »

  • My Man

    He is beautiful and superb
    And he compliments my every curve
    He is tall, dark and handsome
    His dimensions are not clichés …... more »

  • New Plea

    Journey with me, to a place where we are free to be
    To be selfless without judgment, to be unconditional without ridicule
    To love with trust and mercy,
    To love without wanting only needing... more »

  • No Fight

    You captured me without a fight
    And though I knew it was wrong
    I kept hoping and longing for your true love
    I know I could love you the way you needed to be loved... more »

  • No Return

    Nobody should have to love this way
    A love as powerful as mine should at least be returned in kind
    It’s been a long time since you have hugged me and let it feel like love
    I sit in the dark and watch the rain fall down, and I lay alone in the cold... more »

  • No Words

    I can’t write for you
    I can’t write about you
    My pen won’t release the ink
    The lead in my pencil retreats... more »

  • None Compare

    I have been to Georgia and Seattle
    And these places are fun
    Cool weather and fancy fellows
    Who glanced at me more than once... more »

  • Prelude

    As the wind blows cold against my body, as cold as icicle cooling a fire
    And my mind floats through time as the ripples on the ocean
    All my mind-eye perceive is thee
    Suddenly life has new meaning to me, there’s beauty up above and love in my heart... more »

  • Recovery

    I asked
    What does it mean to recover?
    From what are we recovering?
    Oh, how I wonder, my Lord in desperation I cry... more »

  • Standing In The Shadows

    Oh, how dark
    I’m blind, I cannot see
    This world of mine, it aches beyond my belief
    Crying blood, laughing blood... more »

  • The Chains Of The Past

    Why can’t a man be free?
    To do what he believes
    Why can’t a man be allowed
    To live the way he sees best... more »

  • The Cry Of A Humble Man

    I saw two people, they looked very happy
    They were walking and laughing ….
    But as soon as I reached somewhat closer
    I realised... the woman was mine... more »

  • The Cycle Of Love

    The cycle of love is an endless sphere
    Not perfect in its shape and yet a never ending form as we travel round and round
    Then one day you realize that you have been this way before
    Love is so simple in its being and yet so complex in its expression... more »

  • The Discipline Of Nature

    Nature is complete in itself
    Its uniformity is systematic
    As the progression is arithmetic
    You listen to a child count 1.2.3... more »

  • The Fool Of Oneself

    She is beautiful, strong and thinks she is unbreakable
    He is hard, bold and thinks he is unchangeable
    She placed her hand in his and he got the hint
    They messed around till they were comfortable and could no longer frown... more »

  • The Inevitable

    Ever heard of the inevitable!
    Well, let me tell you
    What are you doing now?
    Living, loving, caring, crying, sleeping, eating or even doing nothing... more »

  • The Joy Of Life

    The joy of life is living
    In living there is loving
    In loving there is caring
    In caring there is sharing... more »

  • The Joy Of Very Few

    The life we live is filled with times
    Wintertime, springtime, and a time for loving thoughts too
    No one could be more deserving of my thoughts than you
    Very few knows, the deepest joys of been loved and to love... more »

  • The Next Time

    The next time, will be the best time, better than the last time, anticipating the next time

    The next touch, the best touch outlasting the last touch, setting the standard for the next touch... more »

  • The Prisoner The Society

    The prisoner, the one who wronged
    The one who pays
    The one who regrets
    And is willing to do his best... more »

  • The Sweet Bitter Twinge Of Love

    I speak not of the of pain; ..
    Of the joy that people experience during intercourse with a lover
    I speak of that feeling that creates sleepless nights, starving days, crunching muscles, aching hearts, tearfilled eyes, tormented minds and total unrest in the systems.
    Some say it is weakness, but it is really when you need someone to live but you try to convince yourself it is not so, and in doing so, create a total unrest of the heart and make a fool of the body.... more »

  • The World Is Mine

    Today on a bus, I saw a lovely girl with silken hair
    I envied her, she seemed so gay, and I wished I was so fair
    When suddenly she rose to leave, I saw her hobble down the isle
    O God, forgive me when I whine... more »