• A Nurses Prayer

    come walk with me among these halls
    with your children weak or strong
    I'll hold their hearts close to my own
    until the time you call them home... more »

  • A Rainbow Of Colors

    we blend in to this world
    some with brighter halos
    some with mixed up swirls
    some with pale white shadows... more »

  • A Thought Of You

    left a smile on my face
    regardless of our situation
    I still glow within from
    the love...... more »

  • Always

    you are always on my mind
    in my heart
    in my soul
    as we venture through this life... more »

  • Common Ground

    every one has a deep heart need
    that cannot be fulfilled with doctrine
    or creed..
    for the sould knows nothing more... more »

  • Cupid! !

    oh cupid of love
    heal my broken heart
    I let someone use it and
    they tore it all apart!... more »

  • Daddy '.J Bear'

    I dreamed of a soul speaking
    with only a rhythm time can give
    of generations of voices calling
    whispering to me in tones... more »

  • Deception

    Will loneliness surpass
    the ache of heart fond past
    echoes laughter, cry my heart
    defeated unknowingly from the start... more »

  • Even Though My Tears Have Dried

    The sorrow still remains
    I so long for love from thee
    but chains won, t set me free
    My heart is full of love for one... more »

  • Friendship

    is a priceless gift
    that cannot be bought or sold
    its value is far greater
    that a mountain made of gold... more »

  • God

    the pain was too much to bare
    I got lost between the stars and somewhere
    where thoughts were a maze
    that I do no remember... more »

  • I Can Not Let Go

    Let go of you
    I have thought and
    it is plain …
    I have tried to let... more »

  • I Miss You

    with every breath that
    rises from my lungs
    my mind is clouded
    with memories of you... more »

  • I Need You

    babe I need you here
    with me
    I don't know if I can be
    like you.. or as strong... more »

  • I Never Thought

    love could be so deep
    it seems endless....
    my heart, soul and spirit
    is entwined with yours... more »

  • I Once Thought

    I must give up on life
    And turn into a stone
    The desert wind quite suited me
    No heart, no mind-just bone... more »

  • I Realize

    something you do not
    that love is very precious...
    anger and bitterness can destroy it
    like water to a flame …... more »

  • I Think Of You

    when darkness comes to
    greet me
    when the nite becomes
    cool and lite... more »

  • I Was

    cleaning out my bookcase
    like I once cleaned out my heart
    I came a cross your picture
    which caused memories to start... more »

  • I Watched You...

    as you walked by, flowers in hand
    and the book....
    brushing the leaves from the stone...
    her name engraved upon it... more »

  • In My Dreams

    I could have never dreamed, a man so wonderful
    as you..would step into my life
    I have read about you in the pages of
    fairy tales...... more »

  • Know This My Love

    that you are still loved and will be thought of out there
    where the world is still turning
    where changes make a day
    where theres sand beneath my feet... more »

  • Let Love Speak

    The first time I have ever loved:
    Yours, the first face I cannot forget.
    I think you are afraid, perhaps, and moved
    To wonder whether you should do this yet.... more »

  • Light Feather

    shadows of dancers
    around a fire aglow
    glimpces of figures, medicine man
    wolf and buffalo........ more »

  • Lord Hear My Plea

    restless soul please
    take a break
    I'm worn out from
    lack of sleep... more »