• Loving Enough To Let Go

    Was the hardest thing to do
    for now I do not know what to do
    I can, t turn back to see your face
    or feel the warmth of your embrace... more »

  • Minister

    All paths of life you take
    will combine to a place
    a place that we call heaven........ more »

  • My Life

    has begun once more to the rhythm
    of your smile, your touch
    hearing your voice calms me
    your promises give me hope... more »

  • My Love

    you are a fountain
    that I must drink deeply from....
    without you... I would surely wilt
    like nature without the sun...... more »

  • My Special One

    I love you not only
    for what you are
    but for what I am
    when I am with you....... more »

  • My Special Place

    I would like to take you
    to a place you've never been
    it is a very quiet private place
    but I can get you in........ more »

  • My World

    has been shattered...by words..
    bad words...
    that should have never been spoken...... more »

  • No One Loves You Morethan I

    Not even your own mother
    Our love goes deep within our souls
    That’s why we understand each other
    No wind, nor rain or sleet nor snow... more »

  • Passions

    the scent of candles...
    shadows on the wall...
    fireplace is roaring...
    our spirits soaring...... more »

  • Plus Three Days

    I am stronger now
    though something is missing
    Could it be your scent
    or perhaps your closeness?... more »

  • Remember Me

    in quiet days..
    while raindrops whisper on your pane...
    but in your memories have no regret....
    let the joy remain... more »

  • Seperation Sucks

    I love you with all my heart
    and with all my soul
    nothing can break our spirits
    from being forever together... more »

  • Something To Think About

    Since our lives have been programed from the day of our birth....
    what to eat, drink, and to say..how our morals, looks, dress.
    talk and walk...it is no wonder why
    God is not priorty#1... more »

  • Sometimes

    in the darkness..I sense you near
    when I am afraid.....
    or perhaps a habit
    knowing you would be... more »

  • The Farmer

    The sun which shined
    brightly most of the day
    slowly disappeared...
    behind the meadow..... more »

  • The Land Of Forevermore

    beyond the stars, the sun
    and the moon.....
    is a land called forevermore
    its the light in your eyes...... more »

  • The Scent

    of you still lingers...
    where you laid your head
    and on the sheets that covered us...
    where we made love in bed... more »

  • The Sea

    I have been too long from you...
    I no longer taste you on my lips...
    nor feel the coolness of your touch....
    or the smell of you on my skin....... more »

  • The Sounds

    of the waves as they crawl to
    the shore calm me....
    but not as much as you
    my love....... more »

  • Today

    the sun shine so bright
    it surrounded my heart
    with its warm glow....
    warming even the coldest part of me... more »

  • Walls

    come tumbling down...
    stripped bare
    standing before you..
    a child a woman... more »

  • While I Wait

    For the heartache to stop
    the tears to dry …
    My pain to ease…
    you barely stopped to... more »

  • You

    I walk the shores and mourn our love
    that has no hope to bare....
    know this my love
    that you are still loved... and will be thought of... more »

  • You Are

    a fortress to our love
    your strength
    your determination
    keeps storms at bay... more »

  • You Will Never Forget

    The only one who loved you
    who could have given you the world …
    But you grew tired of waiting…
    I told you I was not ready in the beginning... more »