• Football

    Just like a football I am and have
    been bounced around a bit,
    But only by chance of fate, no man... more »

  • Mysteries Of Mother Earth

    Who spins her on her axis?
    Who knows if she might stop?
    Who knows if she might quake or spew?
    Who knows if she might stop?... more »

  • Questions For A New Born

    Babies come to earth,
    Created with body and soul.
    I look into a newborn's eyes
    and my emotions get out of control.... more »

  • Super Bowl Day

    They're playing in the bowl tomorrow
    and we are so very proud.
    We Seahawk fans are loyal... more »

  • The Ultimate Fan

    You've all heard about our Seahawks,
    The Super Bowl winning team.
    Their twelfth man... their faithful fans,... more »