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this is a goodddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd poem bois
I need the words for the poem, " The Tree" by Joyce Kilmer
What poetry style did he use
His poems are great specially stars
His poem trees was great
Kilmer is considered among the last of the Romantic era poets because his verse is conservative and traditional in style and does not break any of the formal rules of poetics—a style often criticized today for being too sentimental to be taken seriously
Learned this one by heart in the sixth grade, its my favorite.I write poems my self.I have 138 to date.I love writi.g them.Wil continue till the day I die
Joyce Kilmer has long been one of my favorite poets. I'll never forget the poem, Trees. Learned it by heart, and use to quote it all the time. I still quote it sometimes.
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reminds me of childhood...and God is definitely wonderful making a tree and humans can make a so good poem like this...