• A Peacock in Spring

    Makes derangéd love
    To the muddy hill. Shoots of green knocked sideways
    On a factory floor. Next to the stopflood
    Retaining wall, sprung rhythm. Just as... more »

  • Bureau of

    This is the body of,
    waiting to turn on.

    graced with a little tremor,... more »

  • Dear Fi Jae 2 (Ms. Merongrongrong)

    Now I know what it is to bite the tongue inside

    the mink stole: I do not want

    my inspiration... more »

  • King Prion

    Lay in an array of pixels
    Fat, simulated proteins
    Looks just like nutrition!... more »

  • Tea-Strainer

    Leaf-keep, un-sibyl; if the soul
    Has the weight of a swallow, what less
    Has the weight of a sip? You equal... more »

  • The Siren

    The puppy must be learned of all this material.
    No map of the hospital. First, the war effort.
    Then, the war itself. The water makes and remakes
    its walls. No persons or boats are allowed in them.... more »

  • Third Poem for the Catastrophe

    melting rainbow that embrace this roof
    persistent covenant
    hangs around... more »

  • What I Eat is a Prayer

    Then in the August of my twenty-seventh year,
    naked except for my seaclogs,
    I greeted an audience of piers.... more »