• Absorbent

    There is something unexhausted of you
    in this aging washed-out coat
    and I lift it to my nose
    to taste the smell that desires... more »

  • Apartment 2646

    It was the way
    my leg felt against
    the cold rail of the
    sofa bed that... more »

  • Front Row

    During the silent film,
    we wrap into each other like
    twisted licorice.
    I can feel your breath-... more »

  • Grace

    Just as the valley glistens
    with her humble nakedness
    and forms into
    a soft blanket... more »

  • Lover

    my skin dissolves
    on your lips

    my breath sets... more »

  • Mix-Up

    I can't decide if you
    are hidden within my thoughts
    or stashed away deep
    within the orifice of dreams.... more »

  • Morning Rain

    Dreams of you pass through
    this morning's rain.
    Let it castaway my delightful heart,
    boast it high upon a blissful arch,... more »

  • Nightcap

    Most of the time, it comes
    with admonition.
    Moments clash like waves
    of cutting tide.... more »

  • Not Here

    I am not here.
    my eyes reflect the sky
    and bleed tears of constellations
    as I sweep through this planet... more »

  • Searing Drivel

    I am writing these verses
    from inside a dragon
    with it's mouth seamed shut.
    Instead the flames reverse,... more »

  • Spring

    I make love to the thought of you.
    Moments like this enduring
    the painful tenderness
    that shepherd tears... more »

  • The Anguished

    I have replaced you, pitifully,
    many times in rooms
    within my soul.
    Everywhere, there are... more »

  • Woolgather

    He speaks to me while I slumber-
    his voice; matchwood.
    my... more »