• A Soldiers Dream

    A soldier isn't just a soldier,
    but a human being.
    sent to fight over seas,
    Sent to fight to please his leaders dream,... more »

  • A Thank You Poem To God

    My loving god i hope to touch your heart with the words you have given me,
    My loving god i want to thank you for taking all of shameful sins in the wodden cross,
    My loving god i want to thank you for being brave and taking all the pain you received that dark day,
    My loving god i want to thank you for saving me from the burning flames... more »

  • As Time Passes By

    ... more »

  • Distant Love

    My dear love i have texted you many words,
    but only if my words turned in to my voice,
    and my voice into my breath,
    only then, but only then i would feel like im right there beside you,... more »

  • Every Moment

    Every moment i think of you
    I search for you in the winds
    Although i can't see you or have you
    you're still in me... more »

  • Everything Is Yours

    My heart is yours,
    My feelings are yours,
    My body is yours,
    My words are for you,... more »

  • I Give Up

    I have searched for love since the 5th grade and i have failed,
    I have searched for the other half of my heart but it has always been there,
    I have searched for my princess but they all have their prince already,
    I have tried my hardest but it hasn't been enough,... more »

  • I Love

    I love the day i saw you
    I love the day i meet you
    I love the way you smile
    I love the gloss on your lips... more »

  • If I........

    If i dream of you is because I love you,
    If i need you is because I love you,
    If i think of you is because I love you,
    If i cry for you is because I love you,... more »

  • Moments

    With the same truth
    and with a thousand endings
    All ending with you and
    You next to me... more »

  • My Friends

    My friends aren't just my friends,
    but part of my family,
    My friends are the best,
    we help each other every day.... more »

  • Nights Of Passion

    Night of passion, the day of feelings,
    you see my smile, you see my joy
    you Filled my dreams, you fill my empty sadness,
    my night with you, my day with to you... more »

  • Oh Mom

    Oh! mom thank you for your love,
    But above all for givin me your devotion,
    For giving me the opportunity and privilege to
    Watch your eyes and your beautiful hair.... more »

  • The Love Of A Shy Person Jd

    ... more »

  • What Can I Do

    What can i do for you to see the love i have for you
    What can i do for you to open the doors of your heart
    and let me go through
    What can i do to see your beautiful smile every single day... more »

  • You And I Weren'T Ment To Be

    As i woke up this morning thinking of you,
    I realized that i wasn't ment for you,
    As i thought of this, it broke my heart,
    I know that i may not be good enough for you,... more »

  • You Dress With Beauty

    You dress with beauty,
    But beauty is already in you
    I cry when i see you
    I get excited... more »