Hi, my name is Juan Duarte and i am 16 years old.
well as you you may see i have written 17 poems of my own. I only write poetry when i want to say something but i cant explain it through words, but through my writting. I dont consider myself a great poet for many reasons. one of the reasons is that iam not a great speaker nor a great writer. But the only things that keep me writting are my feelings and inpiration from many great writters. One i wish to write a poetry book that will inpire teens like me to continue the journey the life has giving us and to stop many teens from using drugs, commiting suicide, and many other terrible things that teens are capable to do this days. Also other than writting i like to play my electric guitar, draw, desing carboard house models, and many other exiting activities. By the way writting and drawing are my favorite hobbies.
Lastly, when i finish high school i want to attend college and study for architecture. When i grow older i want to be an architect. Being a successful architect is my primary goal.


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Oh Mom

Oh! mom thank you for your love,
But above all for givin me your devotion,
For giving me the opportunity and privilege to
Watch your eyes and your beautiful hair.... more »

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