• Days Go By

    Days go by...and still I think of yo
    11 months it’s been
    Since you left me and threw away my heart
    I hate going on everyday without you... more »

  • I Can'T Stop Thinking Of You

    I can't stop thinking of you
    Day and night, Rain or Shine, Your all I think about
    I stay up every night thinking of you
    And wonder if you're doing the same... more »

  • I Wonder

    As I sit here and watch the cold hard rain beat down
    Upon the roads of night black tar
    I begin thinking, and remembering of the past
    Of you, and how you are doing... more »

  • I'Ll Never Forget You

    Ill never forget you
    I would do anything just to see you one last time
    Just one last time where I could hold you in my arms
    and look deep into your beautiful eyes... more »

  • I'M Sorry I Didn'T

    Why do I keep denying it?
    Why can’t I just accept the truth?
    Why do I always walk away?
    I’m sorry I never followed through... more »

  • In The Dark

    I sit here in the dark
    Just feeling my life slip away
    So cold, so empty i feel
    I never thought it would come to this... more »

  • Just A Friend

    Days, months, years have gone by
    You’ve come and gone in and out of my life
    But you’ve always remained in my heart
    With open arms I welcome you back in my life... more »

  • My Angel

    Meeting you was a blessing to my heart and soul
    Your a present from god
    An angel that fell right into my arms
    You mean so much to me... more »

  • Not Enough

    I can say 'I love you' so many times
    But it would never come close
    To how i really feel about you in my heart
    Its nothing of which any word or poem can explain... more »

  • What To Do?

    What can I do
    What can I say
    How can I say it
    It’s more like I can’t do it I can’t say it... more »

  • When Im With You

    Its hard to explain the way I feel when im with you
    Nothing can ever come close to describing it
    You’re the only person in the world that makes my heart beat faster and slower at the same time
    Ever since the first time I kissed you... more »