• Butterfly Dumbells

    the sun is glowin outside
    yet theres some giant
    hovering all over it
    trying to cover its sunshine... more »

  • Chorus 222 (For A Chicken Winged Babe)

    I've never taken you for granted
    I, on the contrary
    Seem to have taken you too seriously
    Its your smile or your nipples showing through your shirt on a chilly afternoon... more »

  • Hey Man, Chilly Night

    Not to mention, the man was John Coltrane
    Negroe be holdin this lighted cigarrette almost done
    he kept taking puffs
    i felt like he was on his way to sucking the butt and choking on it... more »

  • Idle Monday June Bug

    I stick my hand out
    right there on that corner that saw us dance that one time
    the bus driver stopped
    i get on... more »

  • Landscape

    I pinched a landscape out of a zit
    I'd pinch the world out for you
    If only i,
    had bad acne... more »

  • Looking Out From The Inside Of A Tall Glass

    I see people, people with fun
    and greased joints and hinges that dont squeak
    i live here, at the bottom of this tall glass
    Suburbia on the rocks... more »

  • Taxidermy Of A Broken Smile

    I had to swallow 250 pounds of cotton
    just to inmortalize
    my broken smile
    Dare you to do so... more »