• Be My Last

    For days I walked this dark path alone
    Thought of nothing else but only you
    In sun, rain, day, and night
    I wanted nothing else but for you to be on my sight... more »

  • Goodnight

    Dreaming of you makes my night worthwile
    Thinking of you makes me smile
    Being with you is the best thing ever
    And loving you is what I want to do forever... more »

  • Imissyou

    I t all began when I loved you
    M elodies started from an angel's harp
    I ris and rainbows had different hue
    S onnets were written by my heart... more »

  • It Had To Be You

    If I were to fall in love,
    It would have to be with you.
    Your eyes, your smile,
    The way you laugh,... more »

  • This Love Is True

    When you find yourself on your own,
    Remember that you are not alone,
    And when your feeling down and blue,
    Remember that I'll always be here for you.... more »

  • You

    We met on a sunday
    A chat on the beach
    A spray of sand
    The evening was sweet... more »