• A Declaration From My Soul

    If I say that the road
    have been short I would lie
    if I name the voyage easy
    I would not be exact... more »

  • A Fishing Day

    Naked your mind
    fasten your feelings
    taboos and panties aside
    and then let’s fly... more »

  • Acrostic Of Talent

    Passion in your look
    especially intense
    tangible mermaid
    unusually gifted... more »

  • Bump Into Charm

    Nymph of my wakeful dreams
    inspiration for my soul
    karma to approach your life
    ketamine on my aching being... more »

  • Continuous Pain

    Tuesday thirteen
    witchcraft and cabals
    and my hidden sun
    and the silent sound... more »

  • Debutants Lovers

    It is the down
    a tenuous light begin to come in
    and I breathe deeply
    knowing that I have to leave... more »

  • Dilemma

    I don’t know what happened
    I only followed my heart
    intuitive was that kiss
    but vastly sweet... more »

  • Double Play

    “To sleep with you
    it is to be twice alone
    it is the square solitude”*
    a stressful exercise... more »

  • Evasion

    Sweet your kiss
    inalienable healing
    for a rustic world
    besieging... more »

  • Fairness Account

    I knew your name
    I spot your shape
    I have your smile
    in my secret safe... more »

  • Futile Attempt

    Don’t rush
    is the ceaselessly dessert
    for our meals
    and I have to draw my feelings... more »

  • Gluttonous Love

    Complete epidermis exploration
    with lustful fingers
    recording each moan
    for the future autopsy... more »

  • Have A Safe Trip

    There are days that breaks our soul
    there are days that make us cry
    and we see red what is blue
    there are days unforgettable... more »

  • I Do

    Reality or chimera
    enchanted I am of
    such striking morena
    hibernating my soul... more »

  • Indifference

    Such a candy
    love was sweet
    unaware of diabetes... more »

  • Latent Love

    It had been a long time
    I don’t write of your appeal
    you asked me if your smile
    is not gleaming anymore... more »

  • Love Graduation

    Rebirth of love
    as phoenix bird
    from ashes to sky
    Finally the stork... more »

  • Love Or Ease?

    The love elects
    does not select
    it arrives and stays
    then after it asks... more »

  • Masquerade

    Your onion words
    my crocodile tears
    simulacrum of pain... more »

  • Mojoless Man

    Writing a verse
    on your angel skin
    brusque fingers
    trembling of craze... more »

  • Non Retractable Amour

    Felicity uncontrollable
    lascivious head call for clearout
    angel that doesn’t need to fall
    vortex of love with no doubt... more »

  • Portray Of Agony

    I try to define you
    how to get down to it?
    I’m only liable to tremble
    when of you I think... more »

  • Sad Omen

    The sunbeams is going
    increasing my sorrows
    the darkness arrived
    killing my dream... more »

  • To A Good Mother

    To endure for me great pain of birth
    gorgeous award you have won
    god deluge you with a ton of blessings
    with all the honor and pomp... more »

  • Too Much Too Soon

    Devoid of planning
    the encounter
    meeting of two yen bodies
    seeking a definition... more »