• 6/6/06

    He sparked my interest
    when he tried to claim me
    hours of conversation
    i gave him a chance to know the real me... more »

  • Blaze

    i wanna know the truth
    i wanna whats good with you
    yo i been reaching out to you
    and i been preaching out to you... more »

  • Bye Bye My Love

    im done looking
    cause i found it
    and couldnt keep it
    its no secret... more »

  • Distant Lovers

    i know what you want
    and you know what i need
    i want to be with you
    and you need to be with me... more »

  • Get Over It

    no matter how much time continues to goes by
    no matter how many times i break down and cry
    i can't get over this heart ache
    i can seem to find peace... more »

  • Heartache

    ow could u do this to me?
    how could you say you loved me and treat me this way?
    how was it possible for you to take my love forgranted?
    what could have possible made you act the way you did?... more »

  • Here We Go Again

    instinctively i proceed with caution
    somehow im never the solution to the question
    just another addition to the problem
    understanding the mechanics and dynamics of the situation... more »

  • I Changed My Mind

    here's what i need to do
    keep my mind focused on Juanita
    and what Juanita need to do
    stop thinking about these dudes... more »

  • I Miss Him

    i miss u so much baby
    i neva thought i would eva feel this way
    u r my first and last thoughts of each and every day
    my pretty baby... more »

  • Mi Amor

    it seems like no matter what i do
    all i can think about is you
    you say nice guy's finish last
    i say a nice guy is someone i never had... more »

  • Needy

    just wanted to make a difference
    just wanted for him to be addicted
    just need someone to talk to
    just thought i'd have a spot in his heart too... more »

  • No Love

    im so sick of all this confusion
    and disallusion with love and men
    its too much of an emotional rollercoaster
    too many games being played... more »

  • Ready

    i am ready to do what is neccessary
    not knowing what the outcome maybe
    though in order to achieve
    one must first believe... more »

  • The Wrong Dream

    before i speak allow me to get on my knees
    i gotta give thanks to G o d
    for finally awaking me
    from such a bad dream... more »

  • Then Thin Line

    it seems like you know that i care
    and its not fair
    cause i dont know how you feel
    you know that im honest... more »

  • Valentines 05

    I never would have let you in, if I woulda knew bout this wirlwind, you had me in
    As spins over and over and over and over again
    thought you were my bestfriend
    It had been 4 1/2 years and the past 4 were the happiest... more »