• A Mind Made Up

    Choice so strong not yielding,
    So stringent, too unbending,
    and my flesh so unwilling.
    Nothing else could break through it,... more »

  • A Single Smile

    A single smile can slain,
    A single smile to lane,
    A single smile can hide the pain.
    A single smile can turn the tide,... more »

  • A True Mother

    Ever ready to lead when in need,
    Ever willing to help indeed,
    Always ready to be disturbed to see you unperturbed,
    Ever willing to let go of all to see you glad.... more »

  • A Word

    When you are close to
    when life seems to be so unfair,
    when you are in despair... more »

  • All About You

    All about you,
    feel so insecure without you,
    I've searched everywhere for what could make me as happy as you.
    All I know is that you are close,... more »

  • Beautiful Love

    When my heart was full of burden and heaviness,
    My mind couldn't seem to comprehend,
    All I could feel was emptiness,
    But yet you showed up your greatness.... more »

  • Dreams

    Dreams come true
    If truly you want it,
    Dreams become a reality
    If only you put your heart to it,... more »

  • Fire Of Love

    Burning in my heart there's an hunger,
    in my heart there's a fire,
    deep down in me is a burning desire,
    it is you i want to know,... more »

  • Glory To God

    Who am i not to join the host of heaven to sing,
    To say worthy to the ever living King.
    Who am i not to fall on my kneels
    And bow to you who is above all kings.... more »

  • God Is Great

    It is all about the
    mighty works of God.
    He has done great and
    mighty things,... more »

  • Grace

    Connected to great dimension of grace,
    Can't be nothing less and make all amaze,
    Though I'm still in the race,
    Got so much to gain if I don't stand in awe and gaze.... more »

  • He's Still Knocking

    Open up and let him
    in, let him have a place
    to dwell in you.... more »

  • Home Sweet Home

    One love binds us
    A happy place to be
    with lovely faces to see.... more »

  • I Have Got Love

    Just thinking all alone
    with my thoughts
    running swiftly down
    my spine.... more »

  • I Still Need You

    How can I be smiling
    when you're gone,
    will i be strong enough
    to carry on,... more »

  • Incomplete

    Sometimes you feel incomplete
    and sometimes you feel so complete,
    we never want to let go of what make us complete.
    It's like gold and diamond,... more »

  • Is Your Name In That Book?

    And the Heavens were opened
    O! so bright was the scene
    Too beautiful to behold,
    My saviour coming down... more »

  • It's Not Over Yet

    Sometimes we feel so
    dejected and underated,
    what life brings could be
    so devastating,... more »

  • Just Imagine

    Just imagine you saw a man involved in an accident and you jumped out of your car, held him and took him to the hospital,
    he was about to open his mouth to speak when he died,
    just imagine the doctor telling the police that you killed the man,
    just imagine the police handcuffed you and took you to their station,... more »

  • Not All

    Not all feelings are true,
    Not all sensations are genuine,
    Not all smiles are from within,
    Not everybody that comes around you will tell you the truth,... more »

  • Not Clear Enough

    Looking at a clear Christmas light,
    Not turning around to see what the future holds,
    Holding down all thoughts,
    but still seems like all is well.... more »

  • Staunch

    The turning of the tide
    Can force a fresh start,
    The rising of the sun
    Separates the day from the night.... more »

  • The Big Question

    Life itself is a question.
    In life
    It's always easier to
    walk away,... more »

  • The End Is Near

    Luke 9: 44 Let these sayings sink down into your ears: Revelation 22: 6 And he said unto me, These sayings are faithful and true: and the Lord God of the holy prophets sent his angel to shew unto his servants the things which must shortly be done.

    I was meditating on the man who had multiple encounters with JESUS When i suddenly fell asleep.
    I saw myself coming back from somewhere and suddenly there were multiple eruptions, accidents, houses fell on each other, cars on each other. And i saw fire falling down from heaven. It was like a rain of fire instead of water. I was frightened but immediately i knew it was the end and i did not make it. I tried hiding from the accident and i cried out for mercy but the era of mercy and grace was over. I saw great destruction.... more »

  • The Great Truth

    He created the world
    with the word,... more »