Jude Ogunade Poems

Peaceful Prayers

Let there be peace in the world.
Let us all see peace and not war.
Let us all have peace in the world.
Let all our statesmen know no violence,... more »

Tears For Fleeing Families

I slept, singing songs of sadness
And sorrowful sigh for fleeing families.
I woke, with a wailing weep
And tea tears for fleeing families.... more »


Memories of Dreams, the daughter of dawn
Mirages of nightmares, soothing saviour
Time of reflection, requiem of sobriety
The very beginning of life's journeys... more »

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Comments about Jude Ogunade

Cassandra Matthew 05 Feb 2009 04:52
I love all your poems. I think they are touching and true.
Ogunade Soji Sammy Jones 05 Feb 2008 09:09
jonwo2@yahoo.pl.it will be interesting to hear from u debo
Nikki D 02 Oct 2007 10:20
I love your poem 'Peaceful Prayers' and I have a question for you about it. Would you mind if i use it in a vid i want to make. I was going to write my own but you poem fits perfectly with the music i have chosen. It will be a very simple vid and I will be posting it on you tube. I will accnolage you as the writer at the end of the vid as well. Get back to me with your answer...my email is airdaretosing@optonline.net. Again amazing work. -Nicole