• A Brag...A Jest!

    A Brag…A Jest!
    (A politician's whispering)

    I went to the store,... more »

  • All To You

    I will be the shade from the scorching sun
    I will be the oasis in the parched desert
    I will never like others from you ever depart
    I will be with you always from now till ever... more »

  • And So She Calls Hers!

    Come, dine with me here and now.
    Don't just come here any how,
    Come here with a beaming brow.
    Dine with me without a row.... more »

  • And So They Spoke

    'Not every smile is friendly' - Jude Ogunade

    And so I spoke.
    As all have hoped.... more »

  • Ascent

    Intruded just like a yolk
    Bejewelled just like a cloak
    Face of an inviting gold
    In horizon like Moscow!... more »

  • Avec Moi Toujours!

    Je te vu partout.
    Tu es avec moi toujours.
    Je pense à toi toujours.
    Je pense à toi beaucoup.... more »

  • Building Bricks

    Some score years ago,
    My town was aglow.
    I saw greenish screens,
    As flocks fed on greens.... more »

  • Bunmi - 50 Years On!

    When their lies blinded my thought,
    You sought me and had me taught.
    When their wiles had me perturbed,
    You loved me, lifting me up!... more »

  • Bunmi - Ever Since You Left!

    Ever since you left,
    I have been unkempt.
    The sun drying my tears.
    The moon habouring my fears.... more »

  • Cherita: A New Romance!

    Cherita, this romance in your head
    Will only land us both on my bed
    On my bed? Our mind will be on bend
    And mtswchch; muutsch, will know no end... more »

  • Earth? ! A Glory To Behold!

    Light of life, light of love.
    Glorious rose of great prose!
    Nebula in great pose,... more »

  • Elohim

    Who ought to take our praise

    And fit for us to please?... more »

  • Fêtes De L’amour

    Venez vite! Tout le monde
    Venez vite! Mes mères de ce monde.
    Il’ y a une fête ici, voilà - voici
    Il’ y a une fête de l'amour ici.... more »

  • Fly, Butterfly!

    Lone among bevies
    As each take turns
    Having fun... more »

  • Gba! gbo! gba! ! gbo! !

    Gba! Gbo! Gba! Gbo!
    The voice I heard,
    Gba! Gbo! Gba! Gbo!
    From where I trod,... more »

  • God Can Catch You

    No wonder the weather wobble in clime.
    No wonder the clouds crawl; wasting time.
    No wonder my navel erupted!... more »

  • Honour To The Golden King

    You slit through my plaid window.
    You smiled your rays somehow.
    I peeped through my swollen eyes,
    And my happiness respires.... more »

  • Innocence And Beauty

    The universe is remade in your smiles
    Your aspects envelope beauty in its strides
    A sweet sculpt, enmeshed in beautiful cords
    A melodious beauty, a different sort!... more »

  • J'Aime Amour!

    Ce matin, ce bonheur matin, cet amour matin!
    Je vu en amour, amour avec un couleur noir resplendit,
    Linda, tu es mon soleil maintenant, mon brillant soleil.
    Linda, tu es mon amour, mon amour pur et plein.... more »

  • Kiss A Beauty

    Kiss a beauty, beauty bright,
    Do not let her pass you by.
    How time flies and skies go grey,
    Keep the moments make your hay!... more »

  • La Rue Bourgeoise

    Dans la rue Bourgeoise,
    Il y a beaucoup de vanité.
    Dans la rue Bourgeoise,
    Il y a de les choses qui me faire crier.... more »

  • Let Not Love Be Far From Me!

    Let not love be far from me,
    Make me have the time to spend on love,
    And everything that to it attends,
    Give me the courage to love.... more »

  • Light Beckons Her


    Light beckons her... more »

  • Lisftul Wind

    (Dedication to Rumi, Wordsworth, and Soyinka)

    I blow about like a wind.... more »

  • Locust

    Swarming legions of lust compulsion,
    The reasons for every man’s want.
    Insatiable darkness of every dark mind,
    The insatiable darkness, harbinger of evil deeds!... more »