• Am I Just A Dreamer

    Now there ain't no use but to sit and wonder why
    You should know by now
    By the changes going on
    Just waiting to be gone... more »

  • Don'T Leave

    Sunny Days Are Here
    The Rain Is Gone But No One Cares
    Flowers Have Groan
    The Grass Is Green... more »

  • Gangs

    You Enter For Popularity, No Matter How
    Violent It's Gonna Be, You Think Your Someone
    But Your Just Another Slave To The King,
    Always Be Identify By The Ink In Your Skin,... more »

  • Heart's Desire

    A Wish For A Curtain Craving
    As Seen Such Fancy
    For Let I Be One
    To Have All My True Heart's Desires... more »

  • Layla

    Sweet, smart Layla
    Reading books all the time,
    Won't your eyes look upon me?
    Curse that lucky book... more »

  • Liars

    Sefish speakers speak a deceiving
    speech, Faslehood hides beneath,
    Takes a peek but no one sees,
    Fake witnesses come aboard to... more »

  • Life

    Monday's Here
    The Weekends Gone
    The Sun Just Rose
    Then I Watch It Fall... more »

  • Lonely

    Silly Thoughts
    In My Mind
    They Pause Life
    While Time Goes By... more »

  • My Dream

    I Had Many Dreams Before
    Never Took Any Serious
    None Never Came True
    Probably Because Their Were So Delirious... more »

  • Old Man's Letter

    Would You Look At The Time And The Day
    The Past Is So Close But So Far Away
    Laying In This Bed Waiting To Leave This Earth
    Any Day Now I'll Be Laying Under The Dirt... more »

  • Rain

    Sefish sticks up big,
    Bangs and mixes medicine
    Hates the class and the goverment
    Sends me in but who's making the payment... more »

  • Random Thought

    ... more »

  • Rulers

    What they think we are blind
    Don't need to see to know whats going on behind
    Bribes being taken from the hidden rulers in black
    For they can be safe... more »

  • Shame At A Range

    Shame at a range - All you
    smokers, gangsters, just jesters,
    Can't you see the joke, The laughs
    on you... more »

  • So Confused

    I'm As Helpless
    As A Bird Without Wing
    I Can't See Side To Side
    I Can't Move My Head... more »

  • Something But Nothing

    Something But Nothing
    Of A Trend
    Something And Nothing
    I Seen Once... more »

  • The Poor

    And what is wrong
    Everybody wants to think theres something wrong
    Waiting for nothing but a fight
    Attacks ploted for no reasons... more »

  • The Tempter

    Every Night When I am Going To Bed,
    I Look Out The Square In My Wall,
    I Look With One Eye,
    But I Can SeeIt All,... more »

  • Why Do They Hide It?

    At Night The World Sleeps
    When The World Sleeps It Dreams
    Closes It's Eyes And See Scenes From Some Other Side
    By Sunrise When It Hits Day... more »

  • Why Mother?

    I Could Of Been The President
    I Could Of Brought Peace To The World
    I Could Of Been The Richest Of The Rich
    I Could Of Brought Joy To Your Life... more »