I was born and raised in Southwest Detroit. I moved to upper Michigan in 1998. I started writing poetry when I was about 12 years old and have four poems published in the United and three in Europe. I was in the Nursing field until I had surgery myself and because it went bad, am on a Mdeical leave of absence and have been for going on five years. My Mother was a poet and I used to help her with lots of poems. I now write poetry for Weddings, Funerals, Birthday's, or whatever I'm asked to write about from friends. When something is bothering me, I put it into poetry and it makes me feel better. I just want people to read my poetry and take something with them from it. Thank you for reading and for any comments that you may have about my work. Judi D. Kettelson


Judi D. Kettelson Poems

'The United States Marine's'

'Leave no Marine behind' they say,
'Shoot to kill, not wound'
This very elite group of Warriers
will be there for you soon.... more »

'The Day The Airplanes Came'

We didn't know that you were there
the day the airplanes came.
We didn't know you had a life,
did not know who to blame.... more »

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