Judith Beveridge 1956 -

Judith Beveridge (born 1956) is a contemporary Australian poet, editor and academic.

Judith Beveridge was born in London, England, arriving in Australia with her parents in 1960. Completing a BA at UTS she has worked in libraries, teaching, as a researcher and in environmental regeneration. She currently teaches creative writing at Newcastle and Sydney universities and is poetry editor for Meanjin, having previously edited Hobo and the Australian Arabic literature journal Kalimat.



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My name is Judith Ann Beveridge from Omaha, Nebraska USA. I am a retired teacher. I too write poetry. Not nearly as good as hers! She inspires me. If she ever comes to the USA for a workshop, I would love to meet her. It is an honor to share the same name!
I attended a workshop run by Judith at the Word for Word Festival in Geelong this weekend. A terrific and very practical workshop. How nice to be reading poetry one (I at least) could understand and connect with without having to consult a dictionary. A good selection of various poets' work was looked at and the exercise inspired me to look at some of Judith's own work. Love it. Thanks, Judith. Very inspirational.
The Fishermen's Son is a wonderful poem!