Judith Driscoll Bryan Biography


Judith Driscoll-Bryan is a prolific multi-talented writer with a quick witted smile and a love for the Miramichi.

She is a budding Canadian Humorist of Renown.
...(her mother thinks so, anyway!)

Judith is foraging ahead to perfect her own style of Comedic Rhythm + Rhyme. Currently, she views herself as just a mere fledgling amongst a flock of Poetic Condors!

She laboriously strives to someday reach Artistic Maturity and when this highly anticipated period of Accredited Fruition is met, she hopes that her Unique Creative Signature will be indelibly etched, onto the hearts of all!

Sad! But, true........
At the tender age of ten, due to Judith's gluttonous appetite for sweets, she secretly crawled behind an easy chair and devoured a whole box of candy.Much to everyone's dismay, especially hers, these happened to be her father's ''Liquor Chocolates''.

Ten years old and she was as drunk as a sailor, on leave and sick as ANY dog, could be...and so regretful of her greed!

Alas! To this day, Judith has never again, touched liquor or any intoxicants of any kind! In fact, she has never swallowed as much as an aspirin!

All this, because of the folly that befell her, that day.

''So, don't blame Inebriety,
For her fits of Fanciful Levity.
In truth, t'is Innate Creativity.''
I say this, most assuredly! '