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The following is why people should not be allowed to publicly comment without registration. Other than that, Judith Wright's poems are pretty cool!
I need a Benzo, a Benzo I need a 'Rari, not Lambo I need a Benzo, a Benzo I need a 'Rari, a Enzo (zoom) I need a (uh, zoom) I need a 'Rari not Lambo I need a 'Rari (yeah)
Her poetry is truly something. Every single one of her poems make me feel some type of way.10/10 poet.
shes so old we should start the new ways and only read poems with eating mentioned
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This woman's poetry helped save my life when I was young...many years ago. Looking for an extraordinary poem she wrote beginning with...I have sat down by the river with you in mind.... and ends with.....Now I accept you shadow I change you we are one I must enclose a darkness since I contain the sun. (or something like that) .
Need summary for the poem “ the cedars“
Clock and heart byJudith wright poem lines pls updat