• The Trains

    Tunnelling through the night, the trains pass
    in a splendour of power, with a sound like thunder
    shaking the orchards, waking... more »

  • To A Child

    When I was a child I saw
    a burning bird in a tree.
    I see became I am,
    I am became I see.... more »

  • Train Journey

    Glassed with cold sleep and dazzled by the moon,
    out of the confused hammering dark of the train
    I looked and saw under the moon's cold sheet
    your delicate dry breasts, country that built my heart;... more »

  • Trapped Dingo

    So here, twisted in steel, and spoiled with red
    your sunlight hide, smelling of death and fear,
    they crushed out your throat the terrible song... more »

  • Turning Fifty

    Having known war and peace
    and loss and finding,
    I drink my coffee and wait
    for the sun to rise,... more »

  • Woman To Child

    You who were darkness warmed my flesh
    where out of darkness rose the seed.
    Then all a world I made in me;
    all the world you hear and see... more »

  • Woman To Man

    The eyeless labourer in the night,
    the selfless, shapeless seed I hold,
    builds for its resurrection day---
    silent and swift and deep from sight... more »