Jules Supervielle was born in 1884 in Uruguay. His life was divided between Montevideo, where he was born, and Paris, where he was educated.

The freshness and originality of his works are often attributed to his South American background. His stories treat grand subjects with everyday simplicity, making much use of fantasy, allegory, and myth.


Jules Supervielle Poems

Homage To Life

It’s good to have chosen
A living home
And housed time
In a ceaseless heart... more »


One day the Earth will be
just a blind space turning,
night confused with day.... more »

Nocturne en plein jour

Quand dorment les soleils sous nos humbles manteaux
Dans l'univers obscur qui forme notre corps,
Les nerfs qui voient en nous ce que nos yeux ignorent... more »

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Dimitris(Jimmy) Psachos 17 Jun 2007 05:56
Need more poems by Jules including more of the vividness of South American poets.