• Dark Places

    Sinister polaroids
    An eight-year old girl
    Anonymous eyes blacked out
    A Tesco carrier bag, a dark alley... more »

  • Out Of Love

    I filled your well
    It was out of love
    I filled your shell
    It was all I could... more »

  • Perfect 10

    If you go out tonight think of me
    If you meet another girl tonight think of me
    Tell her your name, your secrets
    If you take her home tonight think of me... more »

  • Pillow Talk

    I love you
    I love you with my fist
    I love you with a knife
    I love you bruised, bleeding... more »

  • Post-Coital

    She slapped me with her words
    Waited till I was vulnerable
    Wrote obscene poetry across my face
    Her disdain, my smarting stigmata... more »

  • Stupid, Suspicious Us

    The things I dare not dream of
    You shouldn't know that
    The worst question yet-
    Was I one of them?... more »

  • The Return Of Struwwelpeter

    The little boy with pies for eyes
    Wears a mask as a disguise
    Sleeps in a box
    That his father now locks... more »

  • Untitled

    Dream logic
    All the style pictures are exactly the same
    Austere cat faces, blank expressions... more »