I'm Julia. Im about 16 years old, and I live in Rhode Island. I used to live in woonsocket but I moved at the end of 5th grade. My parents are not together and my dad got married about 5 years ago. I have 2 sisters 1 brother and 1 step brother and sister. I am VERY quiet, and I like to write and draw. Its just my way of getting things out. I have lived a lonely life, but I dont believe I would trade it for anything. Only because I wouldnt be who I am today. I also have a boyfriend! But he lives in Kansas.. I plan on going to a Haidressing academy in 2 years. Also I can not spell for anything so if you see something wrong feel free to tell me. thanks [=


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Promises Unkept

The sound of horror threw my head.
My screaming tears start to shed.
Broken promises, have turned to red.
Still feel empty though I've bled.... more »

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