• Battle

    If the bombs doth fall
    On this dark frightening night
    Or thane father is killed
    In the violence of the fight... more »

  • Color Of Writing

    ... more »

  • Death

    ... more »

  • Grace

    Soft is a bird
    High in the sky
    And the feathers among its back
    Do glisten with shine.... more »

  • Mystery Man

    A mysterious man
    A glowing face
    An empty meaning
    A frightening glare... more »

  • Ocean

    ... more »

  • Sorrow

    There are so many beings on this earth.
    So many fish in the sea
    So many stars in the sky
    So many leafs on a tree.... more »

  • Tears

    Tears fall hard
    Like snow on a cold winter day
    They run down your cheeks
    Like rain against a window... more »

  • The Broken

    Their legs twisted
    And arms bent
    Their minds jumbled
    And sanity lost... more »