I am a regular guy who likes poems more than pizzas and spaghettis.

The Phantasmagoria Series is on way. It's my weird depiction of philosophies that passes through my mind and affects people around me.


Julian Carlos Co Poems

Send Me The Fixed Moon

"Kill the ones that flies."
Those who came are murdered
The Father will bury his sons
And The Sons will bury their father.... more »

Send Me The Latent Cosmos

I was never a fond of your tactics
Just a pinch of your beauty.
The luxury of that love is shallow
It never did hit the shore.... more »

Whistles From Aether

It begins with no sensible truth,
No chaos to kiss.
It's not a figment of mind,
But a figure that dawns upon men, love.... more »

Julian Carlos Co Quotes

'Life is temporary but it sure is blissful'
Keep going, because the only thing we can is to move forward.

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