• Grass

    Grass, grass up to my knees!
    Grow up to the sky
    So that there won't seem to be
    Any you or I... more »

  • Polish Flowers

    A box with paints from childhood's time:
    The colors of town are earth and grime.
    An old worker at a dark doorway squats,... more »

  • The Common Man

    When plastered billboards scream with slogans
    'fight for your country, go to battle'
    When media's print assults your senses,
    'Support our leaders' shrieks and rattles...... more »

  • The Dancing Socrates

    I roast in the sun, old wretch...
    I lie, and yawn, I stretch.
    Old am I, but full of pep:
    When I take a slug from the cup... more »

  • The Locomotive

    A big locomotive has pulled into town,
    Heavy, humungus, with sweat rolling down,
    A plump jumbo olive.
    Huffing and puffing and panting and smelly,... more »

  • The Saturday Night Song

    Hooray, the echo will resound throughout the wide square,
    When a sincere drunkard's song emanates from my throat;... more »

  • Wife

    My husband is idle, is dumb and spends money.
    He either stands still at the window or runs about town like a bunny.... more »