• A Good Excuse To Cheat

    A plump white squishy golden brown marshmallow;
    The perfect way to roast this addition to the smore.
    The rich dark chocolate melted at the heat of the
    Roasted marshmallow will leave you wanting s'more.... more »

  • Hope Of Organization

    Even the sight of disorganization
    Makes me feel like all hope is lost.
    That is much like the rollar coaster,
    That I am on. Never ending. Slower.... more »

  • Loneliness

    Loneliness is the colour of a blank sheet of paper.
    It looks like the last leaf on a tree in Autumn,
    And sounds like wind whistling through a winter forest.
    Loneliness smells like damp ground after a heavy rain fall,... more »

  • Notre Monde

    On peut toucher, mais ne peut pas sentir.
    On peut regarder, mais ne peut pas voir.
    On peut manger, mais ne peut pas goûter,
    Notre monde est allé à perdre.... more »

  • Our World

    We can touch, but cannot feel.
    We can look, but cannot see.
    We can eat, but cannot taste,
    Our world has gone to waste.... more »

  • The Mask Of Dreamers

    I see a light in the distance.
    Shinning, shimmering, it's rays reaching out,
    Almost as if calling for me.... more »

  • The Sound In My Ear

    Is it a ring? or is it a buzz?
    It is almost supersonic.
    It becomes greater when I lay,
    And doesn't occur every day.... more »